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Tree Top Walk

The Valley of the Giants Tree Top Walk features a stunning walkway positioned 40 metres above the ground with spectacular views.


Conspicuous Cliff

Appreciate the powerful beauty of the southern coastline from the lookout over Conspicuous Cliff. There is an unspoiled beach, limestone cliffs, and granite headlands.

Green Pools.jpg

Green Pools

Greens Pool is a popular snorkelling beach with many fish to be seen amongst the rocks and coral on the inner side of the rock breaks


Mt Franklin

Dominated by an impressive granite peak, Mount Frankland National Park covers approximately 31,000 hectares of karri, jarrah and tingle forest as well as expanses of treeless heathland.

Elephant rocks.JPG

Elephant Rocks

A 10 minute walk from Green Pools you will find Elephant Rocks. Elephant Rocks looks exactly like a herd of elephants, paddling in the shallow waters.


Fernhook Falls

Spend a few hours, or a few days, exploring the waters of the Deep River at Fernhook Falls.

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